Cannondale Koloshop Krušnoton 2017

červenec 4 2017

Am Samstag, den 12. August 2017, findet bereits zum achten Mal der Straßenradmarathon Krušnoton statt. 

On Saturday, August 12, 2017, the 8th year of the Krušnoton Cycling Marathon will take place. Competitors can choose from three routes, from a leisurely 110 km to a 250 km long track with an elevation of 4900 m. Start, complete background for racers and an accompanying program will be traditionally at the new sports hall at Stínadla in Teplice.


The second Saturday of August should be written by all lovers of road cycling in their diaries. A traditional Krušnoton race will be held in Teplice this day. This is the 8th year of the Cycling Marathon, which is part of the 53x11 ​​Marathon Cup, UAC and others. The organizer is Koloshop and partner Cannondale - this connection is a guarantee of an unforgettable experience and spectacle for all bicycle enthusiasts.

The trails take place through the picturesque landscape of the Ore Mountains and the Bohemian Central Mountains. As always, there is the possibility to choose from three routes according to the difficulty, from the simplest with a length of 110 km and an elevation of 1500 m to an impressive 250 km with a rising 4900 m, which is for courageous riders who dare to overcome the so-called Holy Five, Which is the sign of the five heaviest climbs on the longest track - Sněžník, Nakléřov, Komáří Vížka, Mikulov, Dlouhá Louka.

On all routes, snacks with a wide selection of drinks (ionic drinks, water, cola, non-alcoholic beer) and refreshments (open sandwich, salami, cheese, cakes and pies, pancakes, dried fruit, salt, watermelons, bananas, chopsticks).

It is very likely that you will also find well-known riders who regularly participate in the race. You can start with Jirka Ježek, Kristián Hynek and others. Last year, more than 700 cyclists were replaced on the tracks, this year's preliminary numbers could touch up to magical thousands as well as the large participation of foreign competitors.

For the last year's tasting, check out the video below:


The participants will be perfectly cared not only during the ride. The racetrack and an accompanying program for all can be found at the new sports hall on the Stínadla. There will also be presentations and announcements of results. There is an unpaid parking, restaurant, accommodation, bike storage room, showers, WC.

This year's edition also brings news - team competition. There will always be announced three best registered teams on each track.

Candidates can register either online at the following sites, no later than 9.8. 2017, or then on site during the presentation. For more information, please visit the marathon site, where you can also find contacts, route maps and race details including login.

We look forward to you!