Term of the race:
12th August 2017

Office of the race:  
Office of the race is placed in city Teplice, by the Sporting hall "Na Stínadlech". This is a place where you can find presentation, finish of the race and area for final ceremonies. There are many free parking places around the hall and football stadium. Inside the Sporting hall is a pizza restaurant, hotel and fitness studio. In a cloakrooms you can use showers, WC and on presentation you can ask for a special locked room for leaving bicycles.
More information about Sporting hall are available at hotel webpage -
Direction to the presentation / Sporting hall is marked in the city with black arrows on white screen wih text "K-TON". Use this marks to get to the presentation.

Start and Finish  
Start of the race for all 3 tracks is in the city downtown - name of the street is "Krupská." From the sporting hall it takes aprox. 5 min. on your bikes. The route is marked.
Start of the long track (250km) is at 7:00 am
Start of the medium (180km) and short (110km) tracks is common at 10:00 am
Finish for all tracks is before the Sporting hall

Participation fees:
By on-line registration and participation fee paid and credited on Krusnoton account till 10th August are following fees:
Short track:   EUR 24,00 + 8 EUR bank charges
Middle track:   EUR 28,00 + 8 EUR bank charges
Long track:   EUR 32,00 + 8 EUR bank charges

Later registration is available at the presentation for the unit fee 40,00 EUR by all 3 tracks. Presentation will be open on 11th August since 15.00 till 21.00 and on 12th August since 5.45 pm till 9.30 pm. We strongly recommand to register on-line. There is no garantuee to catch a start of the race by registration in the day of the race!
We open the online regisration the 1. 3. 2017.

Payment details:
Payment recipient - KOLOSHOP KRUSNOTON
Name of the bank - CSOB, Kollarova 1629/9, 415 01 Teplice, Czech Republic
Account Nr. - 237190498 / 0300 CZK

IBAN - CZ11 0300 0000 0002 3719 0498
Variable symbol = use a number which you receive by confirming email after your registration

We kindly ask you for using CreditCards by the payment.
In case of bank transfer is neccesary to pay bank transfer fee +8,00 EUR.

Participation fee contains:
Participation in the race, timing by a chip, refreshment on the tracks (5x or 4x or 3x - it depends, which distance of the race you choiced), pasta or similar meal after you reach the finish AND traditional gift.

Cancelation of the race:
In case of cancelation or corruption the race due to force majeure or circumstances beyond the organizer, we are not entitled to refund participation fee or any other compensation. 

- there is riding all the day in usual traffic (without special road closures for Krušnoton race).
- each participant is starting on own responsibility.
- each must wear during the race certified cycling helmet.
- all participants are obliged to follow instruction of organizers, police, fire fighters, track marshals
- each participant must respect traffic regulations valid in Czech republic
- everyone is responsible for safety ride of own accompanying vehicle
- each participant is obliged to observe the rules of FAIR PLAY

Organizer reserves the right to disqualify participant, who breaches above mentioned rules in order to preserve safety and sport value of the race.
Organizer is not liable for material damages and personal injuries incurred during the race.
Organizer provides during the race medical cars, leading cars or motorcycles and broom wagons

Chip timing is organized by company SportSoft:
Registration: -
List of registred participants: -
Results of the race: -

Each competitor is required to affix the chip according to the instructions of organizers. After reaching the finish return immediately the chip to the organizers. Final results will only include those athletes who returns chip. There will be secret control gate/s on the tracks for confirming right riders course. Missing the gate/s means disqualification. 

In each category will be awarded first three riders.
On each track will be awarded first three riders in general clasification.
The prizes are in total value of 2.600 EUR. Structure of prizes are cash and mostly material prizes.

Time limit
Time limit for the reaching the finish is 19.30. Organizer is entitled to stop and disqualify a competitor whos average speed on the long track is under 20 km/h, on the middle track under 19 km/h and on the short track under 13 km/h. The reason is safety on the track and impossibility to reach the finish in time limit.