Giro Lannutti

Krušnoston 2018

The 9th Cycle Road Marathon, ready to welcome all lovers of road cycling.

On the map of the marathon enterprises, Krušnoton filled in 2010 a vacancy in the north of Bohemia. Its length of 250 km is among the longest and with an elevation of 4900 m is the highest. The starting point is Teplice, a town ideally situated between the ridge of the Ore Mountains and the peaks of the Bohemian Central Mountains.

The short route, with a length of 113 km and an altitude of less than 1500 m, rises to the ridge of the Ore Mountains mountains not by a difficult climb to Komárka, but a milder one, though with a longer trip to Cínovec from Dubí. Then it copies the last year's route to Lom, but it does not go to the Central Bohemian Mountains, but it is heading directly to Teplice under the Ore Mountains. We believe that many cyclists will welcome this face of Krušnoton.

The long and middle tracks are led by the most beautiful stretches of both mountains. The short track is no longer in the Central Bohemian Mountains.

Tens of kilometers of mountain passages with far-flung views, along with steep slopes and long slopes, enhance the vast landscape that racers have to hold in their feet. The districts of Teplice, Most, Litoměřice, Ústí nad Labem and Děčín will be witnesses of true bicycle beauty, as well as suffering.

Weather forecast: partly cloudy to cloudy, temperatures 20 to 24 degrees, wind up to 2 m / s.