Refreshment station

Refreshment during the race or "Noone finshes hungry and thirsty"

Sněžník Buffet - long track
First stop! Don’t hurry, take time to stop, fill your pockets with power strengh and supplies. The journey will be long ...

Cínovec Buffet - short route, middle route 35 km, long route 95 km
Remember that the target is still far away. Now you're really in the mountains where the wind can blow a lot and you need far more energy than you planned.

Fláje Buffet – short route
The first passage before the start of Giro Lannutti - the middle route 70 km, the long route 130 km
Second passage at Giro Lannutti – middle route 110 km, long route 170 km
The Buffet will be before and after the GL and it's up to you where you stop.
Here you have many kilometers at your feet, relax with us and enjoy our company and care :-).

Mirošovice Buffet – middle route, long route
The last stop! You may be lying here for a while, but it doesn´t matter. Nestlers will surely take care of you. You can charge your batteries and hurry to the finishing line!

For thirst - ionet, water, coca cola, non-alcoholic beer
For hunger - melon, cheese, salami, fresh pancakes, sweet pastries, fresh bread with spread
For your pockets - filled rolls, bananas, cereal bars