Registration for the year 2020

As in the previous year, it is only possible to register in advance through the online registration system. On-site registration will not be possible in 2020. The deadline for online entries is March 1, 2020. Deadline for entries is August 5, 2020. After this deadline, you will not be able to register for the race. Complete successful registration is bound to the payment of the entry fee. The competitor will appear in the starting list only after the entry fee has been paid.

The facilities are still located in Teplice, as in 2019 - ie in the area of the Spa Square in front of the hotel U Kozičky.

In addition, please be prepared for possible changes to the route when leaving / arriving peloton from / to Teplice. Please follow the latest news on our site or on Facebook.

Due to the high increase in the number of runners in recent years, it is highly probable that a limit will be set for race participants. Please note the possible limit of the maximum number of competitors so that Krušnoton is not a factory, Krušnoton is a joy that we do not want to spoil by the fact that we cannot handle too many competitors.

Krušnoton always strives to guarantee its participants a high level of competition.

Thank you for your understanding.