Accompanying vehicles

Dear racers

If you use the services of your private escort vehicle, pay attention to the following lines.
In order to increase the safety of competitors and the registration of accompanying vehicles on the routes of the race, we introduce the following rules:

  • at the race presentation, report your escort vehicle using the form you receive.
  •     pay a refundable deposit of CZK 1,000
  •     you will receive a "back-up vehicle" sign that you attach to the front window screen (smaller), and to the back window (larger)
  •  by signing the form you confirm that you will behave according to the basic ten and the recommendations below
  • the organizer reserves the right to exclude unmarked escorts and vehicles violating the Ten Commandments and recommendations from the race route
  • in case of any problems you will receive a refundable deposit of CZK 1,000 in the race office (presentation space), otherwise the deposit will be forfeited to the organizer
  • riders' vehicles must NOT go to Roosevelt Street. Ideally, after arriving in Teplice, they continue straight to Bystřanská Street at the crematorium and arrive at their destination from the other side than the competitors.




   1)  Observe the rules of the road, the Police of the Czech Republic, organizers and persons regulating transport.
  2)  The vehicle must be marked with the organizer's sign and all other accessories approved for road traffic
  3)  The accompanying vehicle is always driven by a peloton or a group of cyclists accompanying it. Minimum distance is 50m on the plane and in the climb and 100m in the downhill. The maximum vehicle speed is 80 km / h throughout the race.
   4) A cyclist who demands the support of his accompanying vehicle will do so behind the peloton or group. It is forbidden to drive into the peloton or group with the escort vehicle - see observance of the minimum distance.
   5) In the event that the organizer rides behind the group, the accompanying vehicles rank behind the organizer's vehicle.
   6) Forbidden help - ride in a hook, pull a cyclist, hold a vehicle, etc. Any forbidden assistance is automatically followed by disqualification.
  7)  Free space for group commuters / peloton - inform your intention to advance in advance eg with a warning sign.
   8) Changing a wheel, repairing etc. is solved on the right side of the road. The vehicle is obliged to release the hazard warning lights.
  9)  Maintain a safe separation (rule of at least 2 seconds) between the vehicles in the accompanying column.
  10)  Violation of these points may lead to disqualification of the competitor!



    1) Pay attention to the condition of the vehicle. Use the appropriate type of vehicle, functional with emphasis on brakes, ideally with reflective elements.

    2) Try to see and be seen. Visual contact greatly reduces the risk of collision. At least under reduced visibility, always use the front and rear lighting.

    3) Just go on the route you can handle. Choose the route you are following according to your experience and possibilities.

    4) Be considerate and foresighted. Treat others the way you want them to treat others. However, do not rely on your surroundings and assume that everyone around you can err at any time. Also, the road ahead may not be free to drive - so do not drive where you cannot see. Beware of arriving and overtaking cyclists.

    5) Communicate with your surroundings. In the event of any change in direction, give a timely indication, especially when turning left, and make sure that others have registered it before making the necessary change. Track road conditions, ruts, transverse thresholds or channel grilles. Avoid listening to loud music or making phone calls and sms while driving, as they significantly reduce your concentration and contact with your surroundings.

    6) Drive at the right edge and with sufficient distance. In the road, drive on the right while keeping a safe distance from obstacles and moving cyclists.

    7) Watch out for the blind spots. Because of the blind spot in the rear-view mirror, you have practically no chance to see the cyclist next to your vehicle. Therefore, do not go on turning cyclists and do not bypass the cyclist from the left, which indicates a turn.

    8) Report a collision with an injury. If there is a collision with an injury or suspicion of injury, report it immediately to the organizer by telephone at + 420 606 628 577. Call the Police of the Czech Republic (tel. 158), or rescue service in case of more serious injury (tel. 155).

   9) Driving in the peloton. Do not drive at the top of the group without a significant distance. All escort vehicles are in the last place of the group. If necessary, wait for jams or situations.

10)  Be Fair Play. We are an amateur race where you can support not only your competitors. But all this only within the bounds of decent behavior. It is not allowed to push, carry, hook or block others. Any violation of the Fair Play principle will result in disqualification of your competitor. Think about it