About the race

Short track - 110 km L
This is the right one. Really. If you can ride bicycle, don´t be affraid of this course. There is enough time till 19.30 to finish. Refreshment stations on the course are ready for you and we will wait for you in the finish. Don´t worry, that first riders will reach the finish in 3 hours and few minutes. What do you mean, is not it to fast to enjoy the ride?

Start: Teplice, Rooseveltova street,  8. 8. 2020
Start time: 10:00 am 
Lenght: 117 km 
Ascended meters: 1900 m 
The track is included in the Roadrace series.

Middle track - 180 km XL
Be carefull, this one hurts. A little bit :-).  Only three times up to the Ore Mountains and back to the valley, then rode through Milesovka from the west and east and ride back to Teplice. Yeah it hurts a bit, but it is not still so bad. And what´s more, you don´t have to pedaling in the descents, that is ideal time for relax!

Start: Teplice, Rooseveltova street,  8. 8. 2020
Start time: 10:00 am 
Lenght: 188 km 
Ascended meters: 3900 m 

Long track - 250 km XXL
Yes, this is the right challenge. Only in case of proper breakfast and there is no problem to spend a long time in the saddle, that is the right choice.
Of course, it is not the longest and hardest race on the planet, but it is true, that 250 km is not for everyone. But, the satisfaction in the finish ...

Start: Teplice Rooseveltova street,  8. 8. 2020
Start time: 07:00 am 
Lenght: 259 km 
Ascended meters: 5400 m 

The track si included in the RoadMarathon series.

Rooseveltova street, Teplice - time limit 20:30 pm (this means average speed 21,5 km/h for the longest track)