What awaits us on the track

Many miles, beautiful and endless climbs, rapid technical races. Lots of junctions, three luxury buffets and one "double" buffet at Klíny. There are also tens of kilometers of perfectly smooth asphalt, but unfortunately, despite considerable improvements in recent years, there are still several kilometers of road-like emmental, where you need to be more alert.?A complete list of dangers will be available at the presentation and on the race site. Caution requires all downhill, crossroads and rail crossings with special regard to the following places:

Long / medium / short kilometers
1./1./1. km exit from Teplice - no overtaking of loading vehicles
3./3./3. km SHARP START
10./10.10. km - the end of the exit and the crossroads in Modlany - turn right!
17./17./17. km - roundabout Přestanov - I / 13 road crossing
21./-/- km - passage through Chlumec - 2x entrance to the main road
31./-/- km - behind the village of Strážky, at the exit there is a sharp turn left into the climb to Neznabohy
36./-/- km - in the village of Luční Chvojno turn left to Velké Chvojno - change the route - be careful, we do not go right to Mnichov and Čermná
58./-/- km - crossroads in Tisá and passing through villages terminated by sharp right-hand turn in steep descent
60./-/- km - ramp to the main road I / 13 in Libouchec
72./-/- km - 6 km long descent from Nakléřov to Telnice

88./22./22. km - dividing routes - long and middle on the right to Komáří Vížka, short along the main road on the left to Dubí!
- / - / 34. km - after climbing the Seven Mountains Road from Dubí, turn left to "Strade Lithium" - change the route - be careful, do not go to Komárek
- / - / 36.km - In a slight descent after the slope, there is a sharp turn to the right on cycle route no. 23 - brake in time and shift the gears before turning
- / - / 38.km - crossing the bridge "Mekdonald" - narrower place, wooden beams - they can slide in the rain
144. and 186./78. a120./69. km - "DOUBLE BUFET KLÍNY" - transfer of the buffet from the dam of Fláje to the ZZS station in Klíny - change the location of the buffet
153./87./ 77. km - exit to Litvínov - roundabout this year we will take ALL from the right - further caution when passing through Litvínov

157./91./81. km dividing routes in Loučná - LONG + MIDDLE on the first straight pass, only on the second right. SHORT right on the first pass
200./134./83. km in the quarry - priority for the access to the main road I / 27
- / - / 85. km short route - unprotected railroad crossing fitted with the P6 traffic sign - "STOP DAY PREVIOUS DRIVING"
- / - / 95 km - in Želénky continue along the main road straight to Hostomice and Ohníč - change the route - be careful, do not go left to Všechlapy
217./151./- km - passage through Mirošovice - preferred when crossing the main road
221./155./- km - exit by Razice ends with a confusing intersection
230/165 / - km - crossroads in Milešov and in the ascent behind Milešov turn right to Černčice - change the route - be careful, do not go straight to Kostomlaty
234./168./- km - beautiful but in the second half in places the Emmental descent to Lelov, sharply right in Lelov - watch out for the sunken canal on the right side of the road
238./172./- km in Bořislav access to the main road I / 8 - preference to turn left

242./176./106. km - merging routes in front of Teplice - complex intersection especially for short routes - access to the main road along which long and medium
243./177./107. km - turn right into the climb to Nechvalice - double crossroads, right from the village Kozlíky
246./180./110. km - Bystřany and Teplice crematorium - 2x priority - entrance to the main road

Introductory vehicles of the organizer: Each of the tracks will be accompanied by several labeled vehicles and motorcycles of the organizer. These will be equipped with an orange beacon or ramp, a race sticker, and the length of the route on which the vehicle is moving. The introductory vehicles are accompanied by a lead group and, as far as possible, pelotons or larger groups in the depths of the field. In unexpected situations, part of the race track may be neutralized - it will not run - which will be signaled by the accompanying vehicle. Please observe accompanying vehicles during the race and follow their instructions.Compliance with the race rules will be supervised by accompanying vehicles and motorcycles marked with the organizer sticker. The organizer reserves the right to exclude a competitor from the race in the event of a breach of the race rules.

The event takes place in full traffic. Stay in the right half of the road and follow the traffic rules, instructions from the police and the organizers of the race. The safety of your and other road users must be a priority in every situation!